Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Morning

Isaiah, Huston and Avery all spent a good majority of the weekend with Papa and Grandma out "in the country." Huston fell a little bit under the weather yesterday afternoon so he came home and spent the night in his own bed, but the other two stayed the night with the grandparents. We all were reunited again this morning at church.

Isaiah has been having a bit of "separation anxiety" with me here recently. It was really bad before Christmas, but it seems to have settled down quite a bit here lately. One of the last hold outs is Sunday school class. He hasn't wanted to go for the past few Sundays. He always has fun and enjoys it once I drop him off but the period of time leading up to that point is rough. Who knows what is causing it for sure, I have my suspicions that it is a combination of several different things, not the least of which is a new baby on its way.

Here is how he looked this morning before class...notice Huston is pretty ready to go, Isaiah doesn't want to think about it!

Here are Huston and Avery in their classes...Avery is in the striped shirt on the right if you can't make him out.

Huston was keeping busy working on a paper about the wise men. His class can be pretty large at times, but he really enjoys it.

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