Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Have No Words...

so I'll make some up.

Yes, yes.  I've neglected you, but I'm sure after the first 3 times you checked back in to see if anything new was ever going to materialize, you simply gave up and moved on with your lives.  And I'm proud of you for that.

I have sensed for quite some time that I am shifting seasons within my life.  I've alluded to "the shift" a few times before (yeah, in some of those posts that were written like a million years ago... and in at least one of those posts, I kinda got in trouble for it...) but I see that this newly budding season has arrived.  And I'm not completely talking about spring.

Peoples, I'm getting older.  Now I'm not saying that I'm old.  Cuz, I'm not.  And I don't particularly care for younger people going around saying that they are old, especially when about 66.8 % of the population is older than them.  But in just a few months I will have three elementary aged children and my "baby" is soon to be 3 years old - not really a baby anymore.  She talks, she walks, she uses the potty (when she has time for it) - she's practically growed. (yes, I homeschool).

So, evidence #1 of new season - my kids are growing older.

Follow the dominoes with me - my kids are growing older, therefore I have more "free time" - what's that?  That's the time that you are not spending making decisions for all of your children, wiping their noses and bottoms, getting them bathed and dressed and feeding them (oh yeah, I still feed my children.)  But the rest of that stuff - so many of them, if not all of them, can pretty much do on their own with some success.  This allows me to focus on other things.

Evidence #2 of new season - I have a new focus.

My job has slowly become not so fuzzy anymore.  Lots of opportunities presenting themselves before me - lots of them rather exciting, but still - I'm not completely sure of where things are heading.  I'm becoming more of a resource for young families - looked to as the one that's been there, done that.  (see? getting older)  I like the change, simply because it shows that I'm not completely living the preschool life anymore - it's kinda nice.

And finally evidence #3 - I have no idea what I'm doing.

The new season of parenting has me guessing more than knowing - and that's the nature of the beast.  That's a season that I anticipate that I will never grow out of...which makes me that much more dependent upon God and studying His Word, which makes me that much more interested in teaching others what I find out, which makes me that much more curious as to where this new season of life will lead.  What did I tell ya.  Dominoes.

So I guess I did have words - and here I thought I couldn't produce a blog entry anymore.  This rambling stuff may continue after all.

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RK said...

I like your "no words" posts. This is interesting, and makes me think maybe I need to step back a bit and check out my "season". There are definitely changes afoot, so maybe if I view it as a new season, I'll not drag my feet quite so much.

And come on. Lillie 3?? Can't believe it!