Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Been 4 Months...

...since my last confession... oh wait.  I mean blogpost.  I'm still trying to figure out what this creature is for anymore.  (hey, that rhymes)  Facebook has taken "keeping in touch" to a whole new handy level and I have found that I can only be somewhat witty in 200 characters or less (status update heaven!)...

Yet, here sits this blog... I can't seem to bring myself to throw it out completely.  The kids are growing, and are more aware of what I share and say to the general public (even if it is tens of people)... I'm not really a bragging type (I am proud of my kids, but don't like to go on and on about what they can do) and if I turn this into a frustration forum, I believe I would wear out my readership fairly quickly (ha! readership!  ummm, hello... you haven't posted anything for 4 months...)

Isaiah is 10 now.  10.  I just typed two digits in reference to his age.  10.  That's huge.  And a bit scary.

Huston is crazy.  He's a bundle of goofballiness.  (Yes, I'm sure that's a word).  He's 7.

Avery is 6 now.  Seriously?  I don't have but one child under the age of 5 now?  Impossible.

And Lillie is 3.  She still wants me to hold her and snuggle at times - so it's still ok.

There's your update for now.  We are alive.  I'm still a smart alec (or is it aleck?) and I will attempt to string more than one coherrent thought together more often to put a post up on this blog.  But I'm not promising.  My brain is toast most of the time.

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RK said...

I'm happy, even for a quick update! (Though I do so love all your thoughts and musings about...whatever.) For the few of us left refusing to ride the FB wagon, I appreciate your not dumping the whole thing! :o)