Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stealing a Few Moments

Oh. my. goodness. This is one of those days that I seriously think to myself that I don't get paid enough to do this job. But I went to Sonic for happy hour and I have left over chocolate cake and scooted the three boys out the door to play - so I think I might survive. (great coping skills, huh?)

So just to let you know just how much I really am in need of a pick-me-up, I will relay this story...

Our house at this point has no mirrors. The main bathroom has no accessories... no toilet paper roller, no towel rack, no mirror. We do own one wall mirror, but it is still hanging on the wall at the other house (you know, the house that just won't sell??) and I keep forgetting to go get it. The only mirror we have is in the far corner of the house - in the master bathroom.

I do, of course, go in and use it on occasion - but in the morning hubbub of things and the fact that Steven needs to get in there to prepare for work, etc. there are mornings that I use the main bathroom and therefore never look at myself.

Today was one of those days.

So I went to Sonic this afternoon. The kids are just depressing me. I know that I shouldn't take their actions and disobedience personally, but durnnit they just neither listen or obey and it's getting pretty stinky. So I thought we just had better get out of dodge before I just spontaneously combusted. So headed to happy hour we did (and no those little munchkins didn't get a thing.... yes, I'm that mean of a mommy today).

So I placed my order and soon the young little car hop came out to present me my drug of choice (pusher.) I thanked her and paid and she seemed rather distracted.... hmmm... oh well, didn't give much more of a thought... until I got home.

As I was unloading the car of kids I slid the van door closed and caught the reflection of myself in the van's tinted window... my hair was sticking straight up. No wonder that poor gal was so distracted - I looked like I had just gotten out of bed (I wish!)

Oh well, I'm home now - the kids are away from me, I have Coke, I have chocolate and I don't care about my hair. I have a moment to myself. Oops, nix that last statement, the kids are back.


RK said...

Oh, that feeling of "Dang, how long has it been like that?!?" That's a fun one... Hope your Coke and chocolate were good. And I know those coping skills well. :)

Vicki W. said...

LOL! The other day I went ot Wal Mart and bought a bag of the minitaure Hershey variety, you all know the kind. I ate about half the bag......felt better then!