Thursday, December 3, 2009

So I'm Taking the Final Step...

I think tomorrow might be the big day... or maybe Monday. Anyway, I have purchased the final ingredient (that I know of) that I can throw into this potty training recipe... the last resort has come.

Pedialax - do your thing. So yeah, the overnight stand-off didn't work at all. He sat on the potty for over an hour and even though he finally became a willing participant in that hour and did have some good attempts, it was a no go. And when the boy started nodding off while sitting on the potty, I graciously (or should I say mercifully) put him back to bed.

The next morning I caught him right as he woke up and he went straight to the potty again. At first, once again he was a willing participant and his attitude seemed great... I was getting hopeful because there were a few signs that thing were ready and moving... but the closer we got to an outcome, the more resistant Avery became to the idea.

I gave him a little break - I fed him raisin bran for breakfast - and soon after he finished it, I sat him back on the potty. He was becoming more and more combative though. Not willing to try anymore. I had him sit for quite awhile, but I finally sent him to his room for a break (I needed it too!) I gave him pretzels and water (hoping that things would get very uncomfortable, yet easily moved). I soon had him back for another try - still nothing. By this time he was crying and totally not a willing participant. I determined that this would be our routine for the day - make him sit on the potty, give him a little break so that he didn't develop a permanent toilet ring on his bum, but repeat this process until we had results.

Well, during the break the little stinker pooped his pants when I was busy helping his brother with some homework. I put myself in time out.

For him? I cut out treats - this boy would live on cakes and cookies and snacks. We don't have them in the house very often ('cause I eat them!) but on this occasion I had the-middle-of-the night-batch of brownies as well as a batch of muffins I was making for an event coming up. I gave some to Isaiah, I gave some to Huston, even Lillie had a brownie. When Avery asked for one I told him, "Oh no, only big boys that poo-poo in the potty get brownies." To which he replied, "I can have an apple!" *Sigh*

This morning he came crying to me, telling me that "Isaiah call me a little boy..." I took the opportunity - I answered, "Well, you are a little boy as long as you poo-poo in your pants. When you go in the potty, then you will be a big boy." He answered (rather happily) "I a little boy!"

So I bought the pedialax. I've long determined that this whole thing is over control. He knows that this is one thing that he can still control - I may be able to lead him to the potty, but I can't make him poop. Well, he's about to learn how medical science can even let me control that too, heh, heh, heh.

I never thought that it would come to this --- ok, well I kinda thought it probably would, but I just can't believe we are actually to this point. Here's hoping that my 4 year old will finally surrender to the natural order of things.

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tammyk said...

Oh, I'm so excited to see how this works out!! I didn't even know of such a product...