Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sorry to have left you with that last (and rather unsavory) post for so long. Our poor old pc picked up a virus this past month and has gotten progressively worse until at last all things google related are unreachable... including the dashboard of my blog.... and my email.... and my reader... and the search engine. Stink.

So here I sit, in my office at church, quickly scrambling to get something on here so that at least you don't have to keep coming back to read about Avery's bowels. :) (By the way, he is getting soooo much better in that area - and is doing it all drug free thankfully).

Our pc picked up the virus about the same time as everyone else in our family... well everyone minus two. Steven never gets sick, which is fine with me because he is such a cat when he does. He just curls up in a corner and closes himself off from all of the world... but I'm getting off the subject. Huston also dodged this bullet (hopefully) but the rest of us has had a turn with a lovely stomach bug that hits you out of nowhere, makes you think you're about to die and then leaves as quickly as it came.

We've managed to string it along over about a 2 week time frame but everyone seems to be back on their feet now. Today, the kids are at Grandma's - I think it has been awhile since she's had all four of them, but truthfully I don't know because I can't even remember what I ate for dinner last night.

But while the kids have been away I have been greatly reorganizing and documenting the home school stuff (and reminding myself over and over again how much easier it would be if I would not procrastinate with these things.... ummm yeah, you'd think I'd learn.)

I have determined to be better in a lot of areas ahead - here's hoping that I can follow through. I'm not necessarily setting grandiose goals in front of me... I just want to be better than I am now. Baby steps, baby steps.

As for now I will enjoy the quiet. Listen...

No stomping.

No yelling.

No whining.

No running.

No hopping up and down.

No sliding across the floor.

No annoying little noises from 4 different mouths.

No kicking.

No toy throwing.

But... no laughter... no stories... no content play times....

Yep. I'm missin' the kids.

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