Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yes, He is That Smart, and Yes, He Gets it From Me

Today I had to take the two older boys to a follow up doctors appointment. No they're not sick, they are in fact two very healthy, goofy little boys. I will go ahead and tell you the reason for the appointment despite the *shame* that may be associated with it... my boys still have a problem with bed-wetting. They are 8 and 6 and we are tired of buying Pull-Ups or Goodnights, or whatever brand you choose. So we are going the route of medication to correct the legitimate medical problem. If you are interested in knowing more concerning this, leave me a comment asking your questions. Otherwise, I will be moving on to the wacky personalities of my boys.

Isaiah is a smart boy. Not a genius; I'm telling you right now. I'm not gonna sit here and wax poetic about how incredibly gifted my child is... cuz he's just a good ol' ordinary boy that likes to retain random information - which can make him kinda sharp... sometimes. Anyway. Today in the examining room to pass the time while we were waiting for the doctor to come in, Huston was looking at a child's reference book about different facets of the environment. He doesn't really read much past the "consonant-vowel-consonant" 3 letter word pattern so he was basically just lookin' at the pictures. He turns the page and there are pictures of elephants in their habitat with lots of little info. blurbs giving specific facts and information concerning the biome highlighted on the page. It wasn't necessarily about the elephants in the picture, but more about the surroundings that the elephant was in. Huston looks at the picture and asks me, "Mom, how much do elephants weigh?" I look at the book and say, "Ummmm, I don't know Huston. The book doesn't say." To which Isaiah replies, "An elephant weighs about the same as three vehicles." Just as matter-of-fact as if he was a walking encyclopedia. I turned to him and said, "Where did you learn that?" And Isaiah totally turns to me with that, "duh everyone knows that" type look and says, "Mom, you hear that everywhere!" Seriously? I didn't know that the weight of an elephant could be found all around me. That's fascinating.

Then to really top things off Huston asks, "How much does a baby elephant weigh?" and Isaiah responds without skipping a beat, "about 150 lbs." The crazy thing is.... I've looked it up on-line and he's pretty much dead on for the weights of Asian elephants. Then I remember that he did some basic research on elephants in the spring for school... so the guy probably did know what he was talking about. Crazy that my kid can just know random facts like that.


A few minutes later, I had my turn at blowing the boys away with my knowledge. Huston had left the examining room to use the restroom. When he returned I knew he hadn't washed his hands so I told him to use the sink in the examining room to take care of the job. When he was finished and had dried his hands, he kept looking around for a trash can in which to throw away his paper towel. I told him, "Huston, look in the cabinet under the sink." He opened the door and lo and behold, a trash can. The boy looked at me amazed and exclaimed, "Wow Mom! How did you know that? Did you used to be a doctor or something?" Trust me, Isaiah was equally impressed.

Ohhhhh yeeeahhh... I'm that smart. Scary, isn't it... at least I still have some knowledge that I can impart to my children. :)

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RK said...

Wow, I have totally missed the 411 on elephant weights. I feel SO out of the loop!

And I love that he connected knowing where the trash can is to formerly being a doctor. Because only doctors keep them there... right, it makes sense.