Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Avery Think He Can Fly... and Other Fascinating Tidbits

Hold on, cuz this post is gonna be random alright.

1. Avery thinks he can fly. He's been walking around the house today "flapping" his hands and jumping. He thinks his large jump equates to flying. And yes, I'm the type of mom that bursts his bubble and says, "No Avery, little boys can't fly. That was jumping. Stop flapping your arms please." So mean I am... because the constant flapping is rather annoying. I did send him outside to flap to his heart's content too... just so you know that I'm not a total meany.

2. This week the pool pretty much closes so I'm taking that as my cue to start school with the boys. We're taking it one step at a time and I've stopped asking everyone else what they're doing and when they're doing it cuz it just stresses me out. The academics will come eventually and I really don't want to be worried about a timeline. I hope that we can make it a little more fun this year with a few more trips - cuz Lillie is refusing naps these days and to spend all day at home with all 4 children "on" constantly is a little wearing. Yes I love my children, why do you ask?

3. Lillie gets into mischief and she thinks since she tends to ooz cuteness that this allows her to be "above the law." Don't worry, I'm doing my best to burst that bubble too - I just wish other people would see the need to help me. The girl clogged up the bathroom sink and left the water running until it spilled over the edge onto the counter and down the floor (as well as soaking the front of herself)... and yesterday she had a little mishap at the pond because she feels that she must follow her brothers everywhere they go. Silly Lillie.

It feels like everyone, everywhere tells the little stinker how cute she is and then proceeds to butter her up until she's too slippery to handle. Even her brothers get in on the act. I'm hoping that as she grows older these same brothers will give her what for every once in awhile to balance things out a bit. But of course we do love our Lillie.

4. Sunday was my/our 11th wedding anniversary. And I want to say that this year has been the best one yet. Thank goodness that things seem to be finally easing up a bit - we've had so many hard years. Not to say that we won't keep working at things - cuz constant work comes with the territory of marriage. It's just that in this season of life the work doesn't seem like such hard work, ya know?

5. I've fulfilled one of my good intentions for this year. I've stepped up my reading quite a bit. I've read a little bit of everything genre-wise and am now looking for another book to start. Here are a few of the books I've finished - I haven't really kept track so I'm sure I won't remember them all.
  • The Bible - using the 90 day program
  • The Yada Yada Prayer Group
  • Jane Austen's Emma
  • James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small
  • Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose

I just finished Evidence Not Seen and it was certainly an excellent book; it is definitely convicting. It shows how very few complaints we truly have and is equally amazing at showing how great one's faith can become. It's a great read and I would highly recommend it. My list isn't very long, but I assure you it's much longer than last year's!

6. Isaiah and Huston keep squabbling over the Lincoln logs. Which is what they are currently doing so I guess I better go and intervene. I'm thinking we'll just have to take them away for a bit... which is a shame because they occupy my children for what seems like hours! Oh well.

Sorry for the completely random post, but really it pretty much sums up my life. There is no focus in me whatsoever it seems.

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