Friday, November 5, 2010

5 Days After Halloween

is pretty special too because it's the day I first became a mommy.  Nine years ago today I had a beautiful baby boy named Isaiah Clifton.

He's nine.  No it hasn't sunk in yet.  This one is hitting me a little harder.  He's halfway to legalized adulthood.  His last year of single digits.  He's practically shaving.

Another thing that hit me is that I have been changing diapers now for 9 straight years.  That's kinda depressing.  Lillie had better start this potty training buisness.

Isaiah is a wonderful boy and I mess up with him a lot.  That's what the oldest kids are for - to take the brunt of all the parental mistakes and come out smelling like roses (after some therapy).  He is a level headed little guy (although he's very close to being as tall as me!).  He is loving and kind to his siblings (those dasterdly siblings that try to ruin his very existence).  He is tender-hearted and can be hurt by the words that others take for granted (which means that often times I just need to shup up).

He's a great kid and will prayerfully, hopefully continue into a wonderful young man that will follow the Lord and consider the needs of others.  He's a great guy, that Isaiah.

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RK said...

Happy birthday, Isaiah!!!