Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Been Years...

since I've seen my two older boys... ok, so in reality it's only been 8 days... but I still have two days to wait before I see them again... so it might as well be considered an eternity.

Do I miss them?  Why would you think that??  OF COURSE I do... heh...  sorry didn't mean to start yelling there.

I wonder what this vacation with my folks has changed, if anything.  My younger two have been so mellow and laid back.  But they've also been a little unsure as to what their role is.  They are the followers and they really haven't had anyone to follow for awhile.  Since his big brothers' departure, Avery tends to gravitate toward whatever I'm doing.  Which is fine, I've enjoyed it to a degree, but it's kinda hard to get things done with a 5 year old and then a 2 year old grasping your leg.

I wonder if Huston has matured a bit.  I wonder if he will be bigger in thought and action.  I wonder if the boys will be willing to catch up on the near two weeks of school that we've missed out on.  I wonder if they will be full of unsatisfaction for the life they knew pre-Florida.  I can worry about the most random things.  Did they miss me?  Do they want to be home?  Or would they be content to not see me ever again and move in with their grandparents or other extended family.  And should I be bothered if that's the case?

See what I mean.  I'm a mess.

I just want my family back together.  A couple of nights ago the boys talked with their siblings on the phone.  Lillie talked to Huston first and said, "I miss you.... I love you.... I want you to come home."  My sediments exactly.

Anyway.  Life goes on.  I've enjoyed the quieter times I've had with the younger two.  We've had non-fit involving successful  trips to the library (who knew it was possible!), we've had book reading times and tent building times and restful afternoons and doing errands with two rather than four has been life-changing.

They got hair cuts too.  Here's Lillie's new do: (sorry, I uploaded them in backwards order and was too lazy to redo... still can't figure out how to cut and paste with the new blogger layout)

By Sunday I should feel whole again with all my family together.... and we'll start on getting back into a routine.... right before Thanksgiving.... yeah, right.

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