Friday, November 21, 2008

Pajammie Day

Today has been a stay at home kinda day. It's 20-something degrees outside (the sun is shining) and that just doesn't motivate you to head outside. Huston and Lillie are still in their pajammies and Avery changed into a new pair of pajammies (after a little trial run of potty training this morning).

Avery was "Piderman" all day. He colored piderman pictures with Isaiah and generally ran around and acted crazy jumping from one piece of furniture to the other - always taking the time to remind everyone that "I am Piderman!"

So of course I took he is in the classic spiderman stance (classic to my kids - who really knows that much about spiderman anyway!)

And in this picture he says that he was a "happy piderman" - so I guess his grin is a little more cheesy to portray the happiness.

And yes, you heard me correctly I did a trial run with potty training this morning (can't necessarily call it a "dry run"). You see with the other boys I basically waited until the moment they told me they wanted to go in the potty - which for both of them was a few months after they turned 3. And by waiting until this time they were trained in a couple of days with a very few number of accidents here and there for a few months after they made their decision. It's the easiest potty-training method ever and all the seasoned moms told me to wait until this time comes to start the training.

So we talk about it constantly waiting for the day that they take the ownership of it. Today with Avery I really wanted him to start becoming more aware of things so I stripped him down, turned up the heat and gave him lots to drink. Then he went potty in the toilet - I praised him continuously, gave him candy told him if he did it again more candy would come and gave him another drink. About 20 minutes later he peed in the floor. Oh well, it was still a bit of a success cause at least he's making connections that will help later down the line. I hate potty training and I just don't want the stress of a several month training we'll wait some more.

Another milestone happened this week that I completely forgot about. Lillie turned 2/3 of a year old on Wednesday. She's growing up and she's growing hair. None of my boys grew hair this early. I am so excited - I just think girls need hair to pretty up.

Appreciate these pictures - it took me forever to get her to hold still long enough to take them!

Just to give you an idea of what we had worked with in the past here is a picture of Avery at his first birthday that my sister-in-law emailed me recently....

He's pretty much a cue ball aye? I had totally planned to pierce Lillie's ears if she was a cue ball for so long - but I don't have the urge to do that any time soon.

So we'll keep you updated on the hair - I'm hoping its not a fluke thing and will stop growing again - it's filling in nicely and I would like to continue to see progress!


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

PJ days are the best! If you notice a lot of my photos have kids in pj's - it's the best way to hang out. You've got such cuties!

Our Four Sons said...

That is the picture I sent you, but I think you cropped yourself out of it - silly goose!