Thursday, September 3, 2009

And All Before 8:00am...

Lillie has spilled milk, water, and a box of blueberries (left conveniently within reach by her oldest brother). She has climbed up at least 3 chairs, falling off of one of them.

Huston has.... well, hey the only thing he has done is argue with his younger brother. Kudos to Huston!

Avery has screamed his head off since going to bed last night. Ok, well, not continuously -- but it sure feels that way. He had a terribly fit-filled night of sleep where he growled at some unidentified something repeatedly, like he's annoyed out of his mind. Which leads to a morning of frustration and tantrums (for him too) where everything makes him mad and nothing seems to go right and everyone is out to get him. He's been sent to his room twice, has made his sister cry, his older brother argue and his mother YELL!!

Isaiah has been unmotivated and unfocused. I've had to redirect him repeatedly in order to get him to finish transcribing 3 sentences... 3!... pu-lees, it took him half an hour to rewrite 3 sentences - and all he had to do was make sure they had a capital letter and punctuation... I had to point out the lack of one or the other on 2 of the 3 sentences he transcribed. Mind not in it, son?

My mind isn't in it. If you've been wondering why I haven't written anything down here for a few months it's because I can't put two thoughts together anymore... much less type them out. It might get better, but don't get your hopes up. :0)

Oh yeah, and all of the above happened between the hours of 6:30 and 8:00 am. I'm ready for bed.

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