Friday, September 25, 2009

Lillie, A Flower Girl??

Yes, this was the winner of the "reader's choice" poll. By a slim margin though - told you your vote would count! Second runner up was to post on all topics provided... which... we'll see...

So I posed this post's title as a question because really the success of this endeavor is highly questionable. Lillie is 18 mos. old and she will be the flower girl in the wedding of Steven's cousin, Melissa, a week from tomorrow.

Can she walk? Of course. Is she cute? Oh, unbelievably so. Will she smile for pictures? More than likely yes. Will she walk down the aisle carrying a sweet little basket while sprinkling the runway with petals? Uh, my vote is no.

Luckily Melissa is a sweetheart and has already assured me that she has no grand expectations for Lillie at this event. She proclaimed that she could "stand there and throw a huge fit and I won't care." (I'm writing down this quote so that I may remind Melissa of her own words after all is said and done.)

Anyway, I kept telling myself that I need to take Lillie into our own church sanctuary to practice and yah, it's one week out and I still haven't done it. The only thing I have done is secure the outfit.

(The white band is some sort of contraption for her to wear in her hair... I don't do girl hair and Lillie doesn't do headbands! pulls them right out... not a good combination.)

I go back and forth on predictions as to what will happen.... sometimes I see her schmooze a crowd and completely flirt with all who will watch her and think that she will eat. this. up. And then I will see her become quite anxious when a total stranger looks at her and think that walking down a long aisle with hundreds of near total strangers looking at her will definitely not work.

Anyway, there is a little boy that will be the ring bearer - Lillie doesn't know him but the little bit of time they have to visit before the big event may be the ticket to success (depending on how gutsy the little guy is though...)

I'll keep you posted as to the outcome. Meanwhile feel free to give me any advice you may be able to offer. Isaiah was a ring bearer once and he sprinted down the aisle holding onto his father's suit coat as an anxious mess! (so obviously I wasn't too helpful in that situation!)

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