Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy, Busy

and I'm not really enjoying it. We have a lot of irons in the fire right now. I am swamped at work - everything needs organized, everything needs cleaned, lessons need to be written, schedules are looking more holey than swiss cheese and I am a little put out (ok, really... quite disgusted) with a trend that I am seeing but will not choose to discuss at this point in time.

This week Steven has his radio gig tomorrow night, a meeting on Wednesday night, an annual work/client get together on Thursday night, and he will leave for Iowa with his mom on Friday to help his grandpa move into a new place (and visit... he hasn't had the chance to have a good visit for sometime now). So that will be good that he can go, but kinda throws me into the category of single parenting... but I will say that Grandma Gloria will be watching the kids for me on Thursday before she and Steven head out of town so that I can go to work and organize, clean, schedule... and fume. But for that, I am thankful.

I just am praying that no other strange illnesses darken our doorstep this week. Isaiah's fever is long gone, he still has some coughing/sniffley stuff, and yesterday right before bed he started in with a strange itchy rash on his face. It's not terrible and overly noticeable, just there enough to be annoying and make me curious.

Schooling is going rather well - not exceptionally - but I'm not in panic mode. We've already read through all of our history (Story of the World, Vol. 2) but will be tackling it for a second go around with more in depth study before the end of the school year. I just wanted the kids to kinda get an overview first before I start overwhelming with statistics and details.

Math is at a good place for Isaiah and at no place for Huston, I need to focus on that a bit more with him. Huston has kind of been left behind by his instructor (umm... that would be me) but I again am not overly concerned, it will come soon enough.

Here is a picture of the kiddos that I attempted to take last week when we finally had nice weather for all of 1/2 a day (its been so rainy and dreary - I can deal with it to a certain point because the leaves are beautiful, but still even I have my limits of dreariness). I took well over 50 pictures (rapid fire) and this is the best we got...

and this is a sampling of what the rest of them looked like...

So anyway I must leave you and turn to face the week before me... I will survive, I believe... but if I don't post ever again, you now know what has happened to me.

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