Wednesday, October 14, 2009

House is Still Going...

So for those of you that are still keeping up with the list, I will now discuss the topic of our old house finally being under contract. I know you are on pins and needles. I'm not so much anymore - pretty confident that by this point the buyers will still buy and the contract will be signed... a MONTH from now. Geesh.

We got the offer on our house sometime in Sept... can't remember exactly when (I can't remember what I did yesterday)... but it was mid Sept. The offer was a bit lower than we had hoped, but still looked pretty good, we were just excited to get an offer truthfully. The house had been on the market for about 5 months - not tons of time I know, I should be thankful, and truly I am. Our savings account was getting smaller and smaller so really the 5 months seemed like an eternity to me at times.

Now back to the offer, it was good, but for some reason the buyers don't want to close until November 17th?? I don't get it, but oh well - at least it will be a nice gift for the holidays.

To further complain about a blessing that will come in a bit over a month... the inspections were done and our house tested on the borderline for radon contamination (from a rather sketchy report) and so now we have to pay over $800 to have our house aired out. We also have a few electrical issues that are easily fixed thanks to a friend from church - but all of this cuts out of our profit and by this point we are pretty much breaking even... 5-years of working hard to pay off a house and absolutely no financial appreciation to show for it after selling the house.

A little frustrating I must admit - BUT, I know what you're thinking - and I assure you that I am thinking the same things...

1. We have "sold" our house in every way but signing on the dotted line
2. We got a great deal on the house we are in now -- beautiful land, huge house, great floor plan...
3. We had the old house financially free and clear so all of the $$ we get will go toward the new house - that's a HUGE blessing and one that I need to thank God and my husband for (he's such a squirrel -- my husband, that is)
4. Hopefully my prayers that the buyers are a good solid family that will be good neighbors is answered as well. That house was so cute and in such a great neighborhood - I still miss it/the neighbors.

So yes, I wanted my cake and to eat it too -- but in the end be aware that I am so very thankful I got the cake.period.

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