Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Think We've Dodged the Pig

this round anyway.

All day yesterday Isaiah was not acting himself. You could tell from his voice that his throat was funky, but he had no fever and no other symptom except for being very lethargic. I kept trying to perk him up and tried to tell him that he should get moving and start doing stuff and maybe it would help him to feel better (cuz I'm sensitive like that...) but finally by 7:30 when he refused a movie in order to go to bed I knew that he really wasn't feeling good.

By 9:00 my boy was "awakened" by a night terror and an extremely high fever. Huston and Isaiah share a room normally, but I had opted for Huston to bed down elsewhere last night just in case Isaiah did take a turn for the worse. So after many, many minutes of trying to snap Isaiah out of his anxious state of confusion we put him back to bed and I made a run to the store for some fever reducing medicine (of course we were out).

The night terrors kept on coming and by the third one I just determined I was going to have to sleep (I use that term loosely) at the foot of his bed to head off these weird brain spasms. (*note - Isaiah's night terrors are just times of almost sleepwalking. he is awake, as in his eyes are open, but he is in a different world of consciousness - confused as to where he is and who is with him and he sees things - usually very scary thing to him - that just are not there... they are so creepy... our doctor is the one that labeled them as night terrors). He continued to have them to the point that I was wondering if this was something more than just night terrors. But he finally settled down into some good sleep.

I had made arrangements with my now retired mother-in-law to watch the kids for me today while I went to the office and did some errands anyway - so I just tweaked the arrangements a bit and had her come to pick up the younger three and sweep them away to her house just in case we were dealing with the dredded flu that everyone seems to be getting or at least fearing.

But after a very relaxing day with Isaiah and some information from some fellow moms on facebook, I think we are dealing with a different kind of virus and hopefully Isaiah will be back to feeling good really soon. I just hope that he can sleep well tonight... I hate those night terrors.

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