Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just Want You To Know...

that every time I tell you about how something is working out or how I handle certain things, you can pretty much guarantee that it all changes once the post is published.

Since talking about how our school day is structured - yeah. it's all different now.

Since telling you about my breakfast and lunch menu - ummm, I do still have a breakfast menu, but it's different than that one.

And since just yesterday when I told you that Avery has regressed in the potty department, I have a little boy that diligently goes pee in the appropriate places again... and seems to be softening his heart towards the other job (I told him I would throw him a "poopy party").

So it looks like if I want anything changed or (un)done around here, all I need to do is blog about it.

So I will now tell you that Avery absolutely, positively refuses to be completely potty trained, and he will never, ever decide that it be any other way! *wink, wink*

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tammyk said...

Oh my goodness, I know just what you mean! I sometimes hesitate to post something for fear it'll jinx it!! Plus when something doesn't work for my family, I switch to something that hopefully will work-- and of course I've already posted about how great it is...