Saturday, January 2, 2010


A new year just isn't that bigga deal to me. I don't know why that they don't thrill me... maybe it's because I feel like I have never followed through with any major change in the history of my life, so the resolution part of it is out... and I'm not that crazy about college football - so there ya have it. What else is there?

I have some good intentions for a new start to things, but I would never call them resolutions ('cause I just don't resolve, I'm too distractable to resolve). And among my good intentions at this time of my life (just to be clear, I have good intentions all throughout the year so specifically the ones for right now, this moment are...)
  • eat healthier (but Sonic, I love you)
  • do something for exercise (besides chasing my kids...)
  • get a more focused plan for homeschooling (hahahahahaha)
  • read more (this would require moments without children and me not falling asleep)

Exciting, eh? I guarantee that most everyone of these are on the lists of homeschooling moms around the country and the top two are on practically everyone's list because we are coming off two of the most gluttoned holidays of the year back to back. Everyone feels blah and unhealthy after the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's Eve blur.

I do have other goals, but I'm not even going to list them here because I will be too ashamed to come back to you in a month (or a week...) and report that I have broken every. single. one of those too. (And just so you know, I realize that perfection is not the goal... really, I am just too distractable to keep to nearly anything!)

So let's just say that for the year 2010 I resolve to be better than I was in 2009 at something. Moderation in all things will continue to be my mantra. And hopefully by this time next year I will be proud of some new skill or habit that I have created or will be satisfied to see that growth has taken place (unless it's in my girth...)

Now, as for the children... they had just better whip themselves into shape this year...

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