Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Last Name Doesn't Help...

We survived the other day (see previous post) - all of us, fully intact even... and we enjoyed some early bedtimes to boot.

Today is a clean house/school catch-up day, but I'm not motivated to do either. Thankfully Isaiah is really determined to become a better speller today. He gets frustrated when he writes something and every couple of words go under my *scrutiny* and then has to be rewritten. He was in tears about it last night... sobbing that "all his friends can spell" - really? - they, as second graders can spell? Hmmmm.... (and I also find it funny that one of his first episodes of "but everyone else is doing it" is over spelling!)

But hey, if this is what motivates him to learn it, that's fine! I gave him a list of very commonly misspelled for him... all of the question words mostly... his "why" is usually "wie" - "what" is "wut" - "was" is "wus" - yeah, you get the picture.

So we are going to tackle that list along with a review of the silent "e" - because that boy wants to stick an "e" aftere. everye. worde.

Yeah, to answer the long pondered question I am sure you all have had.... no, a "Spellman" doesn't automatically know how to spell...

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