Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why Yes, I Do Still Have Children...

I just don't talk about them much anymore. I never know what is worth documenting... you know, what will I want to remember in the years to come? Will I go back, look at this blog and think to myself, "why in the world did I feel that story was so important?" Probably. But oh well.

Isaiah is getting too big and I don't know what to do about it. He is now 8... which is very close to 10, which is very close to preteen, which is just as close to regular teen, which means he'll be thinking about where he needs to go to college, which means that he will be leaving the house, and then he'll be getting married!!! Ok, so maybe not that old, but man, it really is just around the corner. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride and it's ka-chunking it's way up the hill and I'm about 3/4 of the way to the summit... just waiting for the moment when it plummet down at full speed and all I can do is hang. on. He is a sweet boy - who I continue to try to screw up. Thank God that He created first-borns to be a little more resilient than the rest (I think He did anyway). He is sooooo into history - loves, loves, loves the civil war and WWII the most I believe. He has recently discovered Elvis *sigh* and luckily, so far, his infatuation is just contained to one cd he saw and purchased at Cracker Barrel.

Huston is growing as well, but I am choosing to ignore it. I feel like it might be working. Really though he is my laid back one for the most part. He is super sweet and super cute and I caught a little girl batting her eyes at him the other day at a restaurant (luckily the boy looked at her like he had no idea what her problem could be...). He loves to work with his hands and will play toys and manipualte objects all day long. Please don't read much to him though, or his eyes glaze over and he starts to make finger puppets with his, well, fingers... in order to entertain himself through the boredom. He has a slow side, ok well, he has a permanent "slow" speed in all that he does, but he is so darn sweet that for the most part you can overlook that frustration. He is a great friend and he has developed one of those natural, they-just-click type friendship with a sweet little boy from church. They are such a great pair, and have I mentioned they are sweet?
(They really are in a very intangible, cannot describe it type way.)

Avery is a hoot. He is his own man, still. He LOVES to draw and many people (people not related to him) tell me that he is quite detailed with his pictures (and yes, good at it too). It will occupy him for hours --- that and tape. The boy wants to (scotch) tape everything. I figure we have an artist on our hands... and he can be just as flighty as some artists are as well! I will NOT talk about potty training, because I am sure you are tired of reading about it quite possibly as much as I'm tired of talking about it... but no he's not quite there still. at the age of 4. but I'm over it. kinda. He loves craziness and singing and he always makes us laugh.

Lillie is sweet and sassy... just as I predicted she would be. She's all girl, and she can also keep up with the boys. She loves babies, and dresses and looking pretty and shoes and purses and all that girls love. But she also will wrestle and bite and hit and put the boys in their place when they are bothering her (we aren't encouraging the hitting and biting... just so you're aware.) She can say quite a few words, but a lot of them are only identifiable by her family members. She seems to chop the front of the word off most times... so "ock" is both "sock" and "rock".... and "og" is both "frog" and "dog"... you get the picture. She also loves to try to sing and totally, hands down loves to make a good mess and is quite good at it. She is quite aware that she is the "princess" of the family (Avery tells her that she is) and will have a really big head if we don't keep her pride in check. I'm thinking the brothers will be just as good at bringing her down a few notches as they are at building her up. :)

So there you have it, there is the most recent happenings, developments of the Spellman brood. We'll see what they have in store for us in the future months....

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Michelle said...

I think this is a great update on your kids and where they are at this time of their lives :)