Monday, May 10, 2010

Gotta Love My Kids

Yesterday being Mother's day I figured it would be best to say how very thankful I am to be a mother to these 4 wonderfully crazy kids.

I never thought that I would be a mother of 4 - and while I am definitely not that much of an oddity or anything that special, I am certainly a mom to some very special kids.

The oldest - Isaiah - such a great big brother. He loves his siblings genuinely and is my right hand man most every single day. Yeah, he hates to sit down to do school, but for the most part it comes so easy for him and he can knock it out in no time flat. Guess who volunteered, folded and put away 3 baskets of laundry the other day? Yep, that's right. He's a huge help! and he's getting so darn big. He also painted a picture for me from his art class. He did a great job and I love it... will have to frame it and hang it somewhere.

I guess it's modeled after the artistic styling of Wassily Kandinsky (yeah, I'm not familiar with him either...)

Huston has the middle child role down to a science. He is sweet and caring and goofy and impulsive and sometimes asks that most obvious questions just to be funny? to gain attention? because he really doesn't know the answers? (I hope not.) He can be the most lovey at times though. Just now he came over to me and hung on my shoulder, laying his head on me. I asked him, "What do you need, honey." and he answered, "Nothing mom. I just need you." And I needed to hear that right then.

Avery is soooo entertaining. We love him because he loves life. The boy is very rarely bored... in fact, just the other day while we were in the car, a radio advertisement asked, "Do you find life boring?," and Avery answered, "No!" Half the time we are trying to contain him while the rest of the time we are trying to calm him down. He is the most likely to come over with a spontaneous, "I wuv you mommy." and I wuv that! The only times the kid is quiet and focused is when he's A.) drawing or B.) watching a show - every other time he's making some sort of noise!

Lillie is a treat. She nurtures a baby doll in one hand and totes a gun in the other. (a gun she is ready to use! she'll point it at you and say, "bam, I shoot you." and yes we are discouraging this behavior... after we muffle a laugh...) She can talk so well. I really don't remember any of the boys talking in full sentences so early. Her best bud is Avery and they act like a little old married couple. Avery will try to share a story at the dinner table and Lillie will interrupt him with an, "Avery, shhhh!" This of course frustrated Avery and he tries to explain to her that he's telling a story so the dialogue goes something like this....

Avery: Hey dad, today at school...
Lillie: Avery! Shhhh....
Avery: Lillie! I'm trying to tell a stor....
Lillie: Avery, shhh.
Avery: But Lillie, I'm trying....
Lillie: Avery, shhhh.

And on it goes until I tell Lillie to stop shushing! But she wants to do everything with him. She won't take a bath or lay down at night unless he's right there.

She's also fond of purposely making a mess and then exclaiming while feigning surprise, "Oh! Big mess, mama." Yes, she's quite full of herself, and we will address that very soon!

While Mother's Day is not the funnest of holidays for me at this point, (because my husband refuses to acknowledge all holidays and special days no matter what they are for, cuz you know, it's all about what he wants - but that's another matter entirely... and my children are still too young to really know to do anything different.) I am very happy to be a mother and will put up with the lack of recognition for as long as I have to. I know Someone is noticing!

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RK said...

I feel your lack of recognition...though this year we did have dinner out with some friends, and it was nice. And he did actually say "Happy Mother's Day." It's a start.

You've got some superb kids there. And that's recognition enough, I suppose, since it shows how great a mom you are! (Though a little fawning by our husbands wouldn't be SO bad...we can wish...)