Thursday, May 27, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

We've been busy lately - not extremely busy, more like piddly busy. A little here and a little bit there and it all adds up to become like a dog chasing it's tail... you wonder what you're accomplishing, but it still keeps you occupied. I have a lot of different things in transition right now...

1. Steven's brother and his wife with their twin daughters (almost a year old now) have come to the states. The girls were born in Honduras, the country in which their mother's family lives and they have come to stay with Daniel (Steven's brother) while he's here to earn some money for them. (confused?) Anyway they are living with Steven's folks for the moment and we are enjoying having them close. With Daniel working long days, Gloria is Carol's right hand mother-in-law, helping her with the girls. This is wonderful and I am happy that Gloria gets to shift her attention to the grandbabies she has rarely seen, but it definitely makes working at the church minus kids that much harder.

2. My folks' house is amid remodeling - new floors, new counter tops, refinishing of cabinetry... lots of room rearranging and workers in and out of the place. They are close to being finished, but there was a delay with the counter top and thus a lot of the kitchen work still needs to be tackled. They've been able to help with a few kids at a time for a little while, but again, still to dismantled to really help me with the kids so I can work.

3. The church is under construction. They are in the process of relocating all of the preschool classes to the basement area. So all of the rooms that my kids could hang out in and watch movies and play with toys are now stripped bare and filled with construction workers. We have temporary quarters in a few classrooms in the basement, but they aren't quite unsupervised play ready for my children... on top of the fact that it turned into July temperatures overnight and the heat and humidity makes the prospect of playing on the playground about as tempting as eating vegetables... they can take it for only so long.

So what does all of this transition have to do with friendship? Well the thing is I'm not the only one experiencing the busyness of life... a lot of my kids' friends and my friends have also been crazy busy for a really long time, or going through a lot of life Junk (with a capital J) that has totally changed perspectives and occupied huge chunks of time. And through all of everyone's busyness, I'm beginning to feel quite isolated. It really hasn't been too bad... the vacation and such has helped break up the monotony a bit, and all of the above things that are effecting me has only transpired just within the last 3-4 weeks (now I'm feeling rather wimpy), but it's beginning to take it's toll. It's just made me realize how much we all need good solid people to experience life with.

I miss my friends; I miss my kids being able to hang out with good friends. It will only be for a short season that this will occur, but golly, I need someone to laugh out loud with, ya know. So if you've got someone easily accessible and ready to pick up life with, be very thankful and hug 'em around the neck, cuz they're worth their weight in gold!

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