Monday, May 24, 2010

Pictures This Time!

I know, it's amazing. (It has been awhile since these little things have appeared on my blog.)

If you want story, without pictures go here.

The first stretch of the legs - at a HyVee store in Lake of the Ozarks. We don't have cowboy hats available in our HyVees... nor do we have aisles of lake wear and water fun like this one did...

Lillie quickly learned how to relax in a hotel room...

The first group shot at Silver Dollar City.

Avery and I riding the roller coaster. He LOVED it (and yes I did too.)

The flying elephant ride - a favorite with the boys. (The tiny speck in the one elephant is Isaiah.)

Lillie on some fun climbing toys at the Geyser Gulch ball pit (still in Silver Dollar City).

Isaiah milking a cow (he was a pro... ok, so what if it was a fake cow?).

Lillie riding the cow being milked (it calms the animal, I'm sure, even if it is fake).

And here they are posing in front of the huge King Kong along the Branson strip. Avery and Huston always anticipated seeing it when we would drive around.

There. They're needing something again, so I must go. :)

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Michelle said...

what a fun time it looks like everyone had!