Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Really Am Trustworthy

So yeah, it's been a couple of weeks now since I've posted, and that after a promise of more to come.  Not nice.  But I don't think my readership is large enough for this to be a huge issue.

Here's where I am with the read through the Bible thing... I'm still doing it, but I'm behind schedule.  Now I could offer you lots of excuses, but here's the main issue.  I need something deeper this time.

I read through the Bible a year ago and I had sooooo many questions while I was reading... but I brushed them aside and kept on keeping on because I had that deadline to meet.  Well, this time around?  I read through the Bible and all these questions come right back and this time they nag at me a little more and it's harder for me to just brush right past them in order to stay on a timeline.  So instead I've been digging a bit more.  And the stuff is a little too... uhh... I don't know the word... maybe a combination of personal, boring, time-consuming to just sit down and type, type, type out all the stuff that I'm finding out.

I haven't been too motivated to come on here and update because it seems that I'm the only one on this little quest right now and so I'd rather just take my time with it.  But I'm still reading, honest.

I'm also trying to figure out a good method/program/process to get some Bible study into my kids' day-to-day lives.  I'm researching different subjects, ideas, strategies... and trying to figure out what will fit us best.

I need to start personalizing a few things for my family a bit more - and become more strong-willed when it comes to teaching them.  I've compromised a bit too much here recently and it's time to shift the focus before we run into an iceberg or something catastrophic like that.

So always know that I'm here and I'm still plugging along and I hope you are too.  I still am unsure of what the purpose of this blog is - if anything I guess its the place that I come a ramble out the thoughts that are in my head... and for that I am truly sorry.

So keep digging and keep reading and I hope to as well!

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