Monday, January 31, 2011

We're In for It

Snow storm #259 is heading this way.  "They" say it will dump freezing rain and ice and then 12-18 inches of snow on top of that.  *sigh*

I'm dreaming of a warm summer.  Lounging by the pool, not having to worry about bundling yourself and your children up for the sake of their life, just to go to the store.  I find falling snow very exciting, but I find old snow that just lays around and covers up the ground for weeks on end not so fun.

And given that our last snow of 10 inches or so has been around for over a week, I predict that this latest wave should be melted off by June.

It' 47 days until spring.

I do hope to get out in this snow with my kids and make snow angels and build snow forts until nobody can feel their toes and hands anymore (which will probably last for all of 20 minutes.)  While we're out there though, I will take some pictures to document it for the season that we will look back on this fondly.... maybe when I'm a grandma???

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RK said...

Yep, we're with ya, though I think you're in for more ice than we are, and maybe more snow too. We're right on the line, like RIGHT on the 6-10 and 10-14 line... so we'll see. It's been sleeting here for a couple hours. I'm taking pictures every little while of the icicles growing on our light post in the front yard. And our 10 inches of snow JUST started melting yesterday. The front yard is mostly clear, the back is still partial covered. The driveway is already slick. But I'm not even pretending we're gonna leave the house. Dear goodness, please don't let us get sick and NEED to leave.

Maybe we should skype our kids with each other to entertain a new audience when they get cabin fever. :o)