Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well, We Got It

We survived the blizzard of 2011... and apart from sore muscles from shoveling and some cabin fever, we came through unscathed.  The 12-18 inches turned into 20, officially.  We never got the thundersnow they predicted, but we did get the white out conditions.  This is stuff we're not quite used to here in central MO.  There are winters that we get good amounts of snow, but over 10 inches is rare and a blizzard is pretty much unheard of.  So as a result, the whole town pretty much closed shop.  The bank my hubby works at even closed for one of those days.  The universities canceled classes, the malls and shopping areas closed, and even I-70 closed from St. Louis to Kansas City.  Epic stuff.

Here are a few pics I took around our house...

This is our driveway into the garage... now you know why we have sore muscles.  (Notice the edge of the planter box on the left)

This is the pond... yeah, I don't see it either

Dug out to the chicken house...

There is a 3-tiered planter under this snow... the first tier is hip high on me...
Thankfully a very nice neighbor came with his tractor and blade and bladed our drive to the road.  So we now have freedom to travel!  Yay!  We're breaking out of his joint today.

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