Friday, February 4, 2011

What the Snow Does to Us

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... well this one totally tattles on me.

Do you notice it?  Maybe it's not so very glaring, but this is what the picture shouts out to me...  this snow bound week has brought about some bad habits:

  1. Notice the chocolate face... brownies eaten before 8:00am... she might, or might not have had breakfast first...
  2. Still in pajamas... which will more than likely be worn all day (although I will report that we dressed the girl today, improvements people, baby steps.)
  3. The holding of a movie... watch movies immediately and often throughout the day.
These are not habits that I'm particularly proud of.  I'm sure other mom blogs will herald how they have taken the extra time with their children to read more books, cook healthy dinners together, do fun school activities that exercise the mind.  No, not us.  We've spiraled down into unhealthy eating, mindless entertainment, and bad habits.  Yay me!

Really though - I might become motivated to do better here within the next day or so.  Again, 3 out of my 4 children are currently dressed!  We must celebrate the small victories...

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RK said...

Ok. Too funny. I just posted about TV watching as well. We don't have brownies or KiKi would be happy to eat them before 8am. Unfortunately, so would I. All the time. Til they were gone. Hence not having them... but we make up for it in plenty of extra Word World, Sid the Science Kid, and Blue's Clues. Don't worry.