Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Better Strategy, A Better Result

"Day One" down on the 100 day challenge and everything went surprisingly well.

We did 3 hours of school before lunch time.  The little guys did coloring books, drew pictures and played quietly in their rooms.  There were only a few times when I had to shoo them away from the school workers.  Huston and Isaiah were focused and had good attitudes... although I will say that Isaiah kept a clock right by his side so he could keep tabs on when high noon rolled around.

Hoping that this much improved success continues, but I do wonder if I should chalk it up to a honeymoon period.  We'll see. 

Here are some pics to prove that I had them working :)  Creating their own "cave paintings"....

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Carolyn said...

Keep up the good work. Great fresh start. You all can do this!