Friday, May 15, 2009

Darn Weeds

We are slowly getting things straightened up with the house. Next week is a big week: flooring (laminate hardwood throughout the main floor), paint (colors picked out, fixing a few minor cracks in the wall this weekend), and windows. All three of these things are going to be handled by the professionals. The guy doing the flooring and the guy doing the windows are both church guys - love it when you can trust the people you've hired and support the folks in the church family. The painting guy is an amazingly fast, amazingly cheap older guy that has probably been painting longer than I have been alive. I am excited that we can afford to take the painting out of my hands (and therefore out of the hands of many friends and family members!). I just would not have been able to get it done myself with the kids and everything else going on right now... and I would have also felt terribly asking people to sacrifice their time and energy on our projects.

Last weekend one project began to be tackled... weeding out the flower boxes. The last time I had paid attention to the boxes (a week or two previous) I only saw scads to daffodils covering the upper box as well as a good portion of the middle box. The lower box was pretty much full of weeds and I determined that it therefore must not be full of anything else. I was wrong. We also have scads of Lily of the Valley.

We had a great team of helpers and we quickly ripped out the weeds and a section of Lily of the Valley to make room for a very small, beginner garden. The root system was pretty entrenched from the Lily so I returned later this week to try to till it up real well and remove a lot of the roots.

The boys had fun finding worms, snails and a caterpillar. The collected all the snails and lined them up on the steps. Avery kept a watchful eye on them for a time....

Another creature was found... this is one that I didn't stop everything to hop over to see. Isaiah took these pictures.

It's not necessarily that I am afraid of snakes. It's just that I don't see the need to get all friendly and personal with them!

Here is a portion of the plant material we removed from the flower bed. We now have 4 nice sized tomato plants in one section... not quite sure at this point what else we will do.

We did keep some Lily of the Valley in honor of our own Lillie. She had fun playing with grandma and hanging out with her brothers. (Isaiah took this picture as well)

I guess that's all. Right now my brain is mush and my body is very tired. Hoping for a nap so that I have the energy to tackle a few more projects this weekend. I'll keep you posted!

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