Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Having That Wind Blown Look...

And Avery's not the only one that feels that way. His hair is especially poofy and curly in this picture because the driver's side window in our van is stuck open (again.) and so he gets the brunt of the fresh air streaming into the passenger area as we fly down the road (always observing the speed limit of course).

But this picture capsulizes what I've been feeling over the past several days. Here are the past few days in review:
-took a trip to the art museum in St. Louis with friends
-backed into friend's husband's truck as we were leaving her house after said field trip
-went to grandma's retirement party
-prepared for Sunday morning stuff and baby dedication on Mother's day
-weeded out flower bed, prepared the soil and planted 4 tomato plants (so far)
-the driver's side window broke
-our computer was down for a few days (luckily an easy fix that Steven could take care of)
-2 house showings (nothing to "show" for it though)
-lost cell phone, received new one, then found old one (grrrr....)
-mix in all that is day-to-day in the Spellman household, stir together, and you end up looking like this...

I will give you a more sufficient report on these happenings in the near future... but for now, I need to run! :0)

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