Friday, May 1, 2009

Where Goes the Sun???

It feels like the sun must be on strike... this is our 5th day of cloudy rainy days and I just looked at the forecast and they are predicting the same dank and dreary for the next 5 days too. It's about to make me go nuts - it has already made my children go nuts.

Really - we've rented movies from Redbox, we've gone on drives, we've puttered around, they've gotten muddy outside, they've torn up their rooms in the name of "play" - the options are just no longer exciting. Play ends in arguments, mud just brings mud into the house, good movies are limited... I'm ready for a vacation, and I don't care where, just as long as there's sunshine!

We had another showing yesterday - at first I told them no because they wanted an "immediate showing" and yeah, our house looked pretty "lived-in" after 4 days of cooped up inside because of rain. They called our realtor back and said they could wait until 5:30-6 - I agreed to closer to 6 and ran around like a crazy women making the house presentable. They pulled up at 5:30 to see and turn down what they saw. Stupid. Stupid something... stupid me for agreeing to the absurd request... stupid them for being so impatient they couldn't wait to see a house they didn't want until tomorrow. The silver lining - the kids have a new canvas to dirty.

I'm thinking that we will survive, I'm thinking I will stop being crabby after I find a fountain coke, and I'm hoping that the sun will stop being mad at us and will shine on us once again. Sorry for the rant of nothingness.

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