Thursday, July 1, 2010


That's my literary attempt at screaming. I've heard a lot of it over the past few days, it comes with the territory in parenting, but we are experiencing a higher rate than usual.

I actually have a scream/fit per hour ratio that helps me determine who will get naps and/or solitary confinement. So far today... they're all goin' down.

Actually, I had one kid that was doing rather well but his grandad just picked him up to take him on a little trip...

Lillie is following me. She is very clingy and needy today and I could handle her if she was the only issue. She just recently came over to me screaming about an "owie!!" which upon further inspection was found to be an ink pen mark. Not worth the drama.

Avery is manic depressive. Up one moment but he's a fragile house of cards that can topple over if the wind shifts. He needs a nap. The big question is: Can I convince him of that?

Huston is the worst at the moment. Screams. about. everything. Has already been sent to and kept in his room on 3 different occasions... and it's just 11:00am. He's going through a grumpy stage... and how he knows to plan his grumpiness to coincide with my monthly grumpy stage, I'll never know.?! (Ok, so some believe that there may be a correlation - and that a "routinely monthly mommy grumpy stage" sets up grumpy behavior in said mommy's children, but I"m not buying it. Sounds like a quack theory to me. Ok, so I'm in denial.)

Huston was sent to his room right at supper time last night because of his fit pitching and he fell asleep at 6:00pm... was hoping that would solve the problems, but notsomuch. He's actually fine if he's by himself.

Isaiah is not in the house. Lucky boy.

Actually, it seems we are all fine if we aren't around each other. Solitary confinement is not a bad thing sometimes. (Right now though, Lillie is in her room by herself yelling, "No Avery!".... Ummm, honey, Avery isn't in here...)

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