Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Have A Moment

and I don't have a thing of importance to write about.

I sounded rather crabby in my last post and I apologize for that - but you know sometimes I just have to let those little frustrations out.

To further clarify on one point... I really am not overly offended by Disney - and for full disclosure purposes I want you to know that I've been to both Disney Land and Disney World within my lifetime. I even had a conference at a Disney World Resort a few years ago and I will say that I've never been in a place with so many helpful people ready to make your stay more enjoyable. But I must also say that everything was sickeningly overpriced and unless I lived near there where I could do the season pass thing (like you experienced, Jessica! :) I would just always feel like I could have used my money more wisely - but that's just me and I am in no way trying to steal the magic and fun from someone else. Lots and lots of people have had fabulous times there and I'm glad. I just wish the industry would clean up their movies a bit. Steven and I have coined the term "disney" - it's said anytime we see some sort of groin injury joke in a movie, cuz it just seems like Disney always lowers themselves to that baseline humor. (Again, I think the Pixar offerings are much better).

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

Now onto more important things - like compromise and concession - which you have to do a lot of in a relationship - especially a marriage.

Some homely jobs and habits change when one establishes a new household. This Spellman house has been established since August of 1999 and there are still a few things that I find very difficult to let go of... for example:

- There is a right way and a wrong way to load a dishwasher. I won't tell you which one of us is right and which one is wrong, but just be aware that I have been known to undo what has been already been done to suit my particular style... I don't rail him about it, I don't even mention it to him, I just quietly rearrange while muttering under my breath in frustration, shock and surprise that he doesn't realize the obvious. (utensils go in handle down and plates lean back instead of forward...)

- Sheets should match. It's a sheet set for a reason. The pillow case should match the flat sheet, which should match the fitted sheet and in the winter the heavier blanket should be in a similar color scheme. Folks don't sleep well when their sheets are mismatched, I'm sure of it.

- Containers should use their lids. That's why they have them. When we have leftovers it does not do to simply plop it into a container and then lay a piece of loose fitting plastic wrap on top. But it's much worse to just sit the cooking pot full of leftover food in the refrigerator without bothering with a storage container. Containers store, pots cook.

- After emptying a sink of dishes the sink should then be wiped down and the garbage disposal run. Nothing terrible will happen if the garbage disposal switch is flipped... unless you're a piece of leftover food.

- The shower curtain should be pulled "closed" after a shower - then all those little mildewy things won't breed and multiply. It's not a science experiment, it's a shower curtain.

But I will tolerate all of these things and usually don't say much because in the end I'm very glad that he will empty a sink full of dishes and will make beds and will clean up after supper, cuz heck you don't find that too often in a husband - and he's definitely a keeper... just there are times I wish he would see my correct side of things.

So I have learned to compromise (like when I do the jobs, I can do it my way) and concede (when he does the jobs... I will try to beat him to it the next time) and will be all the happier for it. And I promise, the next post won't be complainy.


RK said...

I don't find this complainy... I find it real, and perfectly stated tongue in cheek.

And I agree on all counts...especially the shower curtain! This is ALL I'm tryin' to say! How can anything dry when it's all bunched up? Like towels or wet clothes, too.

I could go on for days. :o)

BZ said...

Anonymous Barb z......... said...

wow ~ would that one could actually afford to purchase a pass for Disney. They do, on occasion, offer some "deals" for Florida residents. But, that being said, they are still quite pricey and not all of them include parking, which has also skyrocketed along with the admission prices. It costs $520.91 for the PREMIUM FL RESIDENT PASS (includes about everything Disney ) and $392.99 for only theme parks, parking and hotel discounts. Would cost a small fortune to take a family on annual passes. I think for those prices one would feel obligated to go there every single week ! Fortunately, we have some friends who are willing to sign us in whenever we want to go, but it is just so expensive that we feel as if we are imposing on them, even when they don't actually have to pay anything for the pass ! ( now does that even make horse sense ? ) It has been several years since Dave and I have gone. The kids ~ this one and that one ~ have gone now and again, but now that they are having children of their own, I expect that will change. The kid tickets are nearly as expensive as the adult tickets ~ and 3 year olds are considered to be kids ~ even though most of them will not enjoy Disney or any other theme park at that age.

BZ said...

that was an "interesting" way to post that comment - Anonymous Barb Z.......... KINDA WEIRD !

BZ said...

that was sort of a strange way to post that comment ~ Anonymous Barb Z.......... HMMMMMM ! THAT'S JUST WEIRD ! LOL

BZ said...

well, it posts and then it doesn't post and then it posts twice ! I give up !