Friday, July 9, 2010

A Few Things I Just Don't Get...

Warning: Parts of this post may step on toes.

1. Wal-Mart greeters. I mean just by placing an older person or a disinterested teenager at the front entrance of your store to say "welcome" does this sincerely reflect a store that cares? No. What they really need is a sign that says, "come in. find your stuff yourself and spend lots of money. thank you."

2. Disney. Why are all things Disney so darn great? I mean I can't really remember the last time that I deemed a newer Disney feature appropriate for my children. I will say I enjoy most of the Pixar offerings, but Disney itself is lame. And why is it so great to flock to amusement parks filled with adults wearing costumes and requiring parents to dole out tons of money for their child to be happy in "the happiest place on earth"? I'd rather use that money to go somewhere interesting. (and the whole princess stuff kinda makes me throw up...)

3. Following celebrities. Who really cares who is getting a divorce, who has had some sort of body altering surgery, and what new movie role is up and coming for said plasticy faced person? But maybe the more important question is why is this headline news? What's the draw with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Their weirdos and (sorry, but not that great looking...) and why do we keep putting attention on Kate Gosselin? Please, somebody take the cameras away from that woman and all her children and let them figure out what normal life needs to look like.

4. Children refusing naps. I mean come. on. The whole world is a brighter place if a child would just nap. They feel better, mom feels better, I'm sure it helps them grow more brain cells and actually would help the parent save a few of their own as well. (And trust me, I don't have many left to spare).

5. Twilight. I refuse to get involved. I really know very, very little about it, but it sounds creepy and unnatural. They're teenagers, right? Why are so many women of all ages really so very obsessed with the romantic life of a teenager, vampire or not? Since when did a teenager make good choices in love? Yes, yes there are a few exceptions, but let me assure you they had some growing up to do at some point. Let's for once glorify the growing up part.

I'm done for now. If you have a case that you would like to make for the alternate view to any of the above I would be willing to listen - as long as you are nice.


RK said...

Amen. Too tired to elaborate. :o)

Jessica said...

agree, except for the Disney thing :) We haven't been any fans of any recent Disney movies either, but going to Disneyland IS amazing and has the older classics that a lot of the rides are about. Our year long memberships were cheaper than our gym membership. lol

Michelle said...

Sounds like you're missing nap time just like I am! Lucas will not nap at home anymore, just will. not. But he's tired by early evening, and grouchy. And he'll fall asleep in the car, so I know he still needs one. He fell asleep today at 430 sitting up on the couch watching something. I let him sleep for 20 min and that was it because he would have been a bear to put to bed tonight.

I don't get Twilight either, I've never read the books and don't really have an interest to.