Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today's Reading

and other random tidbits...

The book of Genesis set the tee for the Exodus which is what we'll be beginning today.  Today's reading assignment is Genesis 49-Exodus 11.

I've forgotten to give you "my tips" on how to read through some of this stuff...

1. Don't try to pronounce the crazy names.  That's not the goal of the challenge - many times the meaning of the names are noted in the footnotes... and they're always easier to read and understand than the actual name.

2. For the most part, skip the genealogical listings.  Skim them for well-known names or important events and details... but for the most part they are names of unknowns that aid in giving us a time frame between events.

3. If it's bogging you down, read it out loud.  For me there is something about reading it aloud that makes it more tolerable and interesting.

Now - for some really random observations from the last few days:

*  It was amazing to me that Sarah was such a looker even in her "old age" - the second incident in which Abraham requested her to go through the brother/sister charade occurred after they were told they would have a child within a year's time.  So she was around 90 years old!  and still lovely enough to tempt the king.  Amazing.

*  All of these Patriarch wives struggling with birthing children... Sarah, Rebekah (25:21), and Rachel... and after their husbands were promised many generations and descendants.  I'm thinking God really wanted them to be aware that He was the one in control.

*  I also thought it was kinda funny (strange too) that Isaac asked Esau to go fix him a meal so he could give his blessing because, "I am now an old man and don't know the day of my death." (27:2)  And then Jacob tricked Esau, stole the blessing, ran away from home, married two women, worked for over 20 years for his uncle, reunited with Esau and finally came home to his father - who was still alive!  I'm sure it's a cultural thing... either that or Isaac was a hypochondriac. :)

*  It was also interesting to me that Judah was the one that suggested they sell Joseph into Egypt.  The bad turned into good and the event saved their family from famine - and Christ came from the line of Judah... the plan for a Savior to come was always in place!  Such a detailed God we serve.

Anyway - hope you all are continuing with the readings (that is if anyone is reading) and I'll check in with ya again soon.

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RK said...

Ok, I had full plans of jumping on this on day 2. I thought was a great idea. And of course every day has been run, run, run, then sick for two days, then...then..then... excuses! So I haven't gotten on the bus, but I may jump in part way through.

Genesis is sure interesting, I think. And I never thought about the element of Isaac not actually dying soon after the whole betrayal deal. Interesting... Keep sharing those tidbits! It gets hard to focus enough to find those, for me, when I've read it so many time. I struggle not to skim since I know what's next.

I do have the bible on MP3, so maybe I'll just plug it into my ears and listen while I'm working. Does that count??