Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update on the boys

Looking back, it really has been a little bit since I've told you what the boys are up to. They are doing well, I think they are anticipating the baby more than I probably realize - Isaiah is the most aware of what is happening, so his anxiety is a little more pronounced. Avery wants mommy time often and Huston just talks anybodies ear off - whoever will lend it to him. So they all want their attention, but they have all moved into a nice phase of entertaining themselves and playing together - and for the most part they do that pretty well, with some squabbles - but I've experienced much worse from siblings.

Isaiah is really loving art right now - any type that we can find. He has been busy the last couple of days stringing beads (he says they are rather girly so he is only doing it to make them for the girls that he knows). He has also been painting this craft dough stuff that I have stumbled upon. It's the consistency of play-doh, but once you have cut out the shape you want you stick it in the oven for an hour or two and it hardens so that you can decorate it. Then he still does his art class every other Wednesday and seems to enjoy are some pictures of his "masterpieces" - he drew the fruit himself and then experimented with water colors in today's class. He is sitting next to his friends Zach and Gracie - they are in our small group from church that meets on Tuesday nights as well, so it is great that he has friend to enjoy the class with.

Huston and Avery have been paling around together more often than before - Avery is finally getting into the stage where he will "play with" someone and interact a bit. They enjoy running around the house together and Avery will call for Huston's attention and suggest activities which is really fun to hear. I don't have any shots of this interaction yet, but I will try to capture this soon.

Huston has always been one that could loose himself in imaginative play - and it doesn't take much to spur on the ideas. Here he is playing with some of the small foam beads that Isaiah has been stringing, but instead of making art out of them, he turns them into "boats" and makes up different situations that they might encounter...if he is uninterrupted this process can take up a good hour at times.

Avery is becoming our daredevil more and more as he grows. I will often catch him climbing up stuff, balancing himself on high places before he crashes himself down to the ground/cushions below or he will simply just run everywhere and then all of a sudden stop and throw himself to the ground like he's been tackled. He loves his brothers and wants to be around them a lot and try to do what they are doing. He also loves movies and books...and while we do really try to limit how much he watches, it is amazing to see how quickly he picks up on what is happening in the story - and even memorizes the songs and dialog! (Check out the Turu the Terrible entry for a great example) Here he is balancing himself on the arm of the couch and then crashing to the seat below...

That is about the extent of the activities...I'll try to be more faithful in telling you what they are up to in the future. They keep us entertained for sure!


niXXie said...

What a beautiful blog! I love that you are documenting your walk with God and I have bookmarked this page to watch your progress.
The boys are adorable, by the way!

Jessie said...

Well, thank you - glad you popped over!