Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Waiting and Preparing...

Six weeks to go - I went to the dr. today and everything is fine. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this newest little one. My body is done being pregnant...many folks at church have commented that it seems I have been pregnant forever (thanks for pointing that out) actually, that's exactly how I feel. I get a little discouraged because I have gone past my due date with all three of my previous pregnancies - so just feel that the 6 weeks that are left might become 6+ ...we will see, maybe a baby girl is more considerate of being on time. :-)

I have been nesting a bit I think - which is why this blog site has kind of gone to the side for a few days. Trying to organize the room, put clothes away and go through stuff - her bedroom has become a catch all I'm afraid - funny how we always seek out a place to just pile everything high instead of putting it away, so I have been trying to dismantle our mountain. I organized her clothes a bit - a family of girls from church has giving us their hand-me-downs, plus of course it has been fun shopping on and off throughout the pregnancy! I came downstairs after putting her things away and told my husband that I am sorry to say his baby girl will be at least 5 years old before he has the chance to dress her. (and even then he will only dress her for her "around the house outfits" - I didn't inform him of that part though)

Here are some pics of her newly straightened out room - you might notice, there are still some piles of stuff in the nearest corner...the pictures on the wall are curious george (old school)

I not only cleaned her room out a bit (still has a ways to go) I also scrubbed some floors, cleaned some bathrooms pretty thoroughly and even dusted a tad - still have a ways to go, but it is good start. Then on top of that I have been trying to figure out work - getting everything ready and covered for Sunday mornings and finding some folks to look after some things while I am "gone." I know I will be in the office a bit pretty quickly after the baby comes - I was after I had Avery anyway, but will try to stay away for at least a month on Sunday mornings.

The boys are doing great...will update you on them the next time. They are getting spring fever - need to get outside and burn off some of that energy! But as you can see through the window of one of the above photos - winter is still here.

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