Monday, February 25, 2008

Warning: The Following is Not Pretty

Ok, remember last night I posted how I sent all of the boys - husband included - to the in-laws house and I was able to get some stuff done here at home? Well, do you also remember the only "negative" I listed in the grandparents-living-in-town situation? - yep, that's right - is a disease and I am about to show you what it does to my youngest most specifically.

When the kids returned home last night, Isaiah came into the house sobbing that his "daddy was being mean!" upon further investigation it was found that Daddy would not allow said child too consume a box of cookies that grandma had given to them (this was not a snack box by the way)...especially after the candy and ice cream that he had already been given - vicious man!

Avery was put to bed only to be up again around 9:00 fully awake, wired and ready to have "cereal, peese?" I told him no cereal Avery, its bedtime - but Steven then informed me that the boy ate no dinner whatsoever at grandmas - it was offered, but the child would not eat. I then learned that after dinner was over (he had still refused to eat any of it) Avery was given a full ice cream push pop to enjoy on his own - as a reward for his persistence I suppose. So the boy was hopped up on sugar with no other food inside of him to counter act it - so I relented and Raisin Bran it was.

Here is the stinker happy with his cereal...if you click on the picture you will notice the clock behind him says 8:59pm. Can anyone say detox?

Well today the effects are still among us...tonight at dinner Avery has refused to eat his food, he wants either yogurt or cookies instead and is insistent on having I can't blame all of this on grandma - Avery has a bull head on his shoulders to begin with, but here is an example of what has been going on for the last 45 minutes...I'm not against yogurt, but that is not what was being served this particular meal...

You can tell the boy was really working at keeping the fuss going at that point - and could you hear my fained sympathy in the background? As soon as I turned off the camera Avery once again through himself to the ground and here is what his loving big brother had to do since mom was being so very mean...

There, there little man, just wait a few more days and we will see grandma again and all will be well. So while the detox phase can be frustrating, I believe it is still a price I can pay for a few hours of time to really get some stuff done. And no, I am not mad at my mother-in-law or do I wish that she treated my boys any different (well ok, I do wish she would say no once in awhile). Really she is a wonderful grandmother and we all would like to keep her.

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