Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Four Stages of Huston

Once again, Huston became upset at something one of his brother's did or said (can you say "middle-child"...hmmm?). I had my camera in my hand so I started snapping pictures. At first he objected, then he was fighting back a smile, then he was trying to give me a mean face, then he couldn't help it anymore and became silly Huston again - he just can't fight his true nature...thus the 4 stages of coping with adversity for Huston.


Our Four Sons said...

Its great that you enjoy the antics of your middle child. Huston is a great kid. :)

If he'd like to trade places with Zack for a week or so, let me know...just kidding!

I have heard that the fours are so much better than the threes...let's hope so!

Mrs Wibbs said...

I love those pictures!!! He is so 'cheeky'! And looks very cute although you may beg to differ on that one ;o)