Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Many Pictures

We have been busy the last few days - summer time will do that I guess - but I don't have many pictures to chronicle our times....maybe I'll post some tomorrow.

Isaiah has really taken off with his reading. He is almost to the point of being able to figure words out (you know the tricky ones too) without needing me to decipher it for him. But he is still at that really slow, laborious reading pace - so reading is not quite "fun" for him yet. He does do well on the little books and enjoys reading them to his brothers. A gal from our church just got a job as a reading recovery teacher for a neighboring school district and has been given the assignment of administering the reading test to in-coming 1st graders for practice. So she asked if she could use Isaiah as a guinea pig and I said come on over. This will help me as much as it will help her. It will be nice to get her opinions. My goal in homeschooling is not to get Isaiah to learn as much as he can in the shortest amount of time. I want him to stay with his peers academically. I have been pushing the reading lately cause selfishly it would be so much easier for me if he could read independently before Huston starts kindergarten. Then I would be able to manage homeschooling two kiddos a lot easier.

Friday I was out of town all day for a meeting. The other children's minister Katelyn and myself went to Quincy, IL to observe her home church. They are larger and are doing many of the things (as far as curriculum and format) that our church will be attempting to implement shortly. So its nice to go and talk to people that have been there and done that. I took my camera but didn't pick it up once, and I should have. The meeting was in the morning, so after we were done we stopped through Hannibal, MO and shopped their downtown strip for a bit and we also hit some sidewalk sales and a great restaurant in Quincy too. It was a fun day and it was a great time for me to get to know Katelyn a bit better. She's a fun gal to work with, which helps a whole lot. The meeting has given us big ideas that will take time and money to implement - so it looks like some more projects to tackle now - but that's really never-ending.

Saturday it was old home weekend. Steven had guys he has been buddies with since jr. high come out for a visit. Mark now lives in St. Louis and has a little girl, so they don't get back this way as often as they used to - its just a long day of travel when there are little ones involved. Matt lives here in town with us, in fact less than a mile up the hill from us, but we just don't cross paths as much any more. Steven is married with 4 kids and a such and Matt is single and going to school, plus he likes to run and train for marathons in his spare time...(crazy guy). So it was fun visiting with them - a nice afternoon of laughter. I love laughing.

The boys are doing great with their swimming lessons. Isaiah is really getting the hang of his front stroke - he just needs to float a bit higher in the water. Huston went under the water the last practice - which is huge for my steps-of-the-pool-clinging "swimmer" but he still has a lot of timidity to get over still. He hangs on to the instructor for a lot of the exercises.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday - it was pretty low key, Steven's family was a bit out of pocket last week so we couldn't really plan any sort of "party" for her day. So I just made her some dinner and we crashed over there to eat and watch the olympics. She tried to go get a manicure and pedicure for her day, but the place was closed with a sign that read "We open late today." So no pretty nails, but she'll have to try "later."

So anyway that's what has been going on. I have other things floating in my head to share, but no time to sit down and do it right now. Hope to get some pictures of everyone posted soon too. Hope you are enjoying your summer months!

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