Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Time is Here

At least it's very close and I am ready. I finished the last of the shopping's the run down....(don't tell the kids!)

***UPDATE*** - Hubby said yes to the room switching idea, moving furniture will be in our New Year's plans

Isaiah, age 7:
1. getting a set of full size sheets - for his new bed in his new room (if hubby says yes).
2. getting his very own stationary, stamps, and personalized return address labels to write letters to his heart's content.
3. getting the New Testament on CD in the "Common English Version" (never heard of it, the version I mean, I've heard of the Bible). He loves listening to stories on CD so I thought we should give this a try.

Huston, age 4:
1. getting a new pair of cowboy boots, his current pair are getting pretty tight.
2. getting a new train to play on the train table his uncle made for him a few years ago.
3. getting his very own library card.

Avery, age 3:
1. getting Harold the helicopter to play with the trains and train table
2. getting a "Nick Jr. Favorites" movie - he loves these.

They are also getting little cakes, and a m&m filled candy cane....all will go into the stocking (or sort of near it if its too big, not sure how I'm going to get sheets in a stocking) for them to open on Christmas morning.

What about Lillie you ask? I will have yummy treats in her stocking and some shoes - cause a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes!

Anyway, that's what they will get from us. We don't go overboard at Christmas, just doesn't seem the right thing to do for us. Selfishly the main reason may be because all these toys end up getting broken, lost, or constantly stepped on and who really wants that?

So I feel ready for Christmas now. I like it when we can keep it relatively simple.


Jason and Brook said...

Is Isaiah going to sleep on the hide a bed or do you have a different bed? We have all kinds of full size sheets since that is what size of bed we had when we got married. Iff you're interested in some recycled sheets, I know we at least have some flannel ones.

Jason and Brook said...

I had to laugh about putting sheets in the are you going to get cowboy boots and a train in a stocking? :)

Jessie said...

you stick the cowboy boots upside down and have the tops go in first...the feet will stick out a bit but they will be in there, and the train is not a train set - its one little train car so it will fit in there just fine.

As long as the sheets are floweredy or girly looking we will take hand-me downs. :o)

Jason and Brook said...

I'll put the sheets and snowboots in a safe place so I remember to bring them in January.