Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trying Something New

Not only with the obvious blog face lift. RK got me playing....she has redone her blogs and they look so very nice. I have always liked the set up of my blog, but not the background. Too boring, so I'm playing. It may look one way today and a new way tomorrow, so just keep checking the title of the blog to make sure your in the right place.

I think for Christmas this year my major gift to Isaiah is going to be his own room. Right now he shares a room with Huston and then our three year old, Avery has his own room. I think I'm going to flip-flop Isaiah and Avery. I've been reading Dr. Kevin Leman's The Birth Order Book and I went over the personality of firstborns last night. A very interesting read to say the least and I think I have gained some insight into some of the ways I can help Isaiah bear the responsibility of the being the oldest. Leman mentions that with the pressure should come some privilege. I don't think I've "privileged" Isaiah enough, and through some of the events that have transpired over the past few weeks I think he would really thrive on having his own room.

I haven't told Steven yet, I hope he's up for it. It wouldn't require additional furniture...just moving stuff around (which one of those "stuff" is a hide away loveseat that is rather heavy and bulky - but it just needs to be moved across the hall....see honey, not too far - do I sound convincing?) The bulk of the work would be getting Avery to leave Huston alone when its bed time and visa versa. That may drive us crazy, but I have a plan...I think, and with consistency we may see results by the time Avery is 5.

So anyway, if you have multiple children in your household, actually even if you have an only child, you might find The Birth Order Book an interesting read. There are many variables that make us the personality we are, this book really kind of helps you to see how your surroundings and nurture helped to mold your born nature.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that Isaiah needs his own space, especially since he's the oldest and has the most age gap between any of the siblings.

RK said...

Cool idea...the switching rooms. I hope it goes well. I'm anxious to see how Avery and Huston do in there together. :o)

And I like the new blog look... haven't seen that one before. So sophisticated!!!

Video Promotions said...

I like Dr. Kevin Leman too. I met him when helping him produce his video series "Value Packed Parenting."

Since then, I've supported his efforts to make parenting easier by devoting a blog to his video series.
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I think his latest book release "How to Have a New Kid by Friday" is good too.