Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Lillie Giggle

Huston loves to make Lillie laugh. At times he stumbles upon something that just puts her in hysterics....enjoy the baby giggles.


Michelle said...

Aren't big brothers the best???

Braden loves to make Ruby giggle, too, and it's just so darn cute!

vicki sue said...

Babies laughing and giggling are just pure joy.

Mrs Wibbs said...

how unbelievably cute and beautiful!! He's a great big brother, isn't he?!

Susanne Faulkner said...

I just revisited you blogspot - I had forgotten the address, but you sent it again in the Christmas card, so now I have it saved in favorites!

Now you know what I was going through when my three were all little - when I needed to clear my head, I called JESSICA! (Did you know what a lifesaver you always were to me???!!!) So, the sure cure for cabin fever is...get a babysitter like you were! (In other words, an ANGEL!) The kids loved you and it was as much a treat for them as me. I know a couple of years, I would have DIED without you! Thanks again!
I love seeing the pictures of not only the kids, but the adults. We have all aged some since then!
Susanne Faulkner