Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

...for the first 30 hours. We finally got snow around here. We had a dusting in late November, but this really pretty round is sticking to the streets and closing schools and having its way with us. My boys are in love, well Avery is just kind of tolerating it, Isaiah is IN LOVE.

I sent the boys out to get their snow fix this morning. Avery was back after 10 minutes,actually it may have only been 5. He said, "me got snow on me" and I guess that was the end of the fun. Huston stayed out until Isaiah made him mad by telling him that he would not help Huston to build a second snowman that would be Huston's alone and all for himself, not Isaiah's...hmph, well... I finally called Isaiah in after he was out for over an hour - kinda thinking that maybe playing in the snow in low 20 degree weather should be done in small, short intervals. Isaiah didn't agree. Right now his siblings are resting and he is right back out there.

I like the snow. I like to be out playing in it if I don't have young 'uns to bundle up and make sure they are dry and warm. I did take Lillie out there this afternoon (which will probably put concern in my mother-in-law's heart) but long periods of time kind of makes me crazy with trying to keep her "out" of it all. It's hard to let tiny ones get out in it but not too much in it. I bundled her up really well and took her out to let her explore. At first she wasn't to sure, but she "warmed" up to it and kind of even batted it around. She wasn't out there for more than 5 minutes and she didn't even try to crawl around in it. Just wait until next year!

It was snowing the prettiest snow globe type snow when we were out there. Delicate tiny snowflakes coming down so softly. Here's a shot of them on her coat and mittens....

The one thing I do not like about the snow is how it traps you and plays with your mind psychologically. I feel like I am already getting cabin fever and that is just silly. I mean really, I went out yesterday afternoon (the ice/sleet had started Sunday night, so it was kind of icky yesterday) and so here I sit, less then 24 hours after being out and about in the town and I'm feeling itchy to get out there and do something. What would I do??? I don't know, I just feel like I need to do something. For goodness sakes I'm trapped!!

Anyway, while I deal with cabin fever (the good Lord knows that I would NEVER make it in Alaska - or I would have to buy some really good 4x4 that could plow through anything!) my little Lillie not only has experienced her first snow today, but she finally cut her first tooth. FINALLY! Oh my goodness, I didn't think they were ever going to pop through. One of her top front ones has come in and I think the second top front is maybe just a few days away. I suspected that it wouldn't be long, but it took longer than I suspected. She will be 9 mos. on Friday. Isaiah was around 8 months old when he got his first tooth, Huston was 7 months old....and Avery? He was 14 months old when he finally got his first tooth - so needless to say I had no idea when Lillie would finally get hers. I am thankful it was now rather than later. The girl likes to eat and I was beginning to feel like we would be stuck with smooth and mushy for quite awhile.

So anyway here are a few pictures of Isaiah out in the snow too - I did his in color, he was doing his thing with the snow shovel....isn't the snow pretty?


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Those are the cutest pictures! I love the black and white! We just got lots of icy rain.

Jason and Brook said...

I am glad that your "bookends" had a great time outside!

I know we won't see you until January, but we have Triston's snow boots from last year that Avery might be interested in. They're a size 8 Spiderman. I was going to E-mail you, but gmail froze and has been having problems all night.