Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Sorry

I am going to be talking about house stuff way too much in the next couple of months I'm afraid. 'Cause really, that's what is consuming our life right now - in a good way.

We have started the process of getting the list of to-dos figured out. The windows guy came out last week and measured and tallied and that estimate should come in a couple of days. I met with the flooring guy Friday and quickly and easily determined that his stuff is out of our league - but he gave us good info. We took a quick trip to the St. Louis area today and hopped into the Lumber Liquidators and found some stuff we really like that is 1/2 the cost of what I found here in Columbia. We made a call to a handyman friend to see what things we needed to think about when ordering flooring and he said to hold up cause he thinks he can get it wholesale for us even cheaper. Score! And he will install it for us as well, I think...we will talk on Monday.

Our current house was officially listed on Thursday afternoon. It was shown for the first time on Friday afternoon. We have another showing tomorrow. Steven is busy fixing little things here and there. Today happened to be free mulch day from the city - so his dad was kind enough to go get a load for us in his pick-up and the boys spent the morning mulching and raking and beautifying the yard.

Here are some picks of our "slave labor" - this is why we had kids - so they could do the yard work :0)

Isaiah of course was the best, most reliable helper - he even mulched his dad a few times!

But as you can see even Avery got in on the action. This isn't the best picture to capture Avery's contribution...he later donned the garden gloves and grabbed a shovel that was taller than him.

And you can tell that Huston enjoyed every minute of it!

So if you are reading this before 2:45pm on Sunday afternoon say a little prayer that the people viewing the house are totally taken by what they see. I would love for it to sell quickly but they not need to have it for a month or two - like until school is out or something so that will give us some time to work on the other house without living in it but will alleviate the stress of keeping a house show worthy while 4 small children live in it. That's not too much to ask, right!?? (yes I want cake and I want to eat it too thank you.)

And in between all of this we are still trying to do all the rest of our day to day, week to week type stuff. Like school and work and normalcy. So it's an adventure alright, but just a season we are in and hopefully we will soon be enjoying the slower pace of the country.... *sigh*

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