Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Week?! Really, It's Been a Week?

Man, I have not been very good about keeping this thing up this past week. I have sat down and tried to put together a new post and it's still sitting in the draft box - can't sit down long enough and/or think clearly enough to get it done. So maybe we'll just stick with pictures.

This time Lillie. I need to post stuff on all the kids - they are all doing something and I'm proud of each one of them. But Lillie is the one that grows the fastest around here right now, and I haven't posted pictures of her for awhile.

She's such a paradox: she's sweet, yet sassy; she's quiet, yet so verbal; she's laid back, yet into everything; she's timid and shy, yet such a show-off. I love it! She could walk, she just doesn't want to. She could communicate more clearly, but why? Her point gets across just fine right now, why throw words in there?

She is becoming a little more open to the idea of walking - a little - she would rather just tease you into thinking she might try. She will stand and grin and then wait for you to coax and encourage her to come forward. She will then look straight at you with a smile and a steady stance and purposely fall straight to her bottom. Yeah, she's a stinker.

She loves to eat - will out eat some of her brothers at times - and other than a little bout with fever and roseola a couple of weekends ago she has been a very healthy little gal. And you can see it in her sweet rosy cheeks and chubby little legs.

And it's finally getting warm enough to break out some of those summer sun dresses. Yay! I love those dresses! She has a favorite blankie that she at times carries around or rubs into her face when she's tired. Which is really one of the sweetest things to see her stick that thumb into her mouth and snuggle into her blanket - I know, give me a year or two and I will no longer think it's sweet. But she's the baby of the family and I am soaking up all the baby moments as long as I can. If she doesn't have her blankie handy when she's sucking her thumb, she's been know to play with her feet instead - it's so funny.

So here are some pictures and a little video montage of her standing and not walking and climbing and jabbering...

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RK said...

She's really looking like a little lady standing all big and tall, but then I can see the psych out part...just when I thought she was going to take a step...nope! She's just gonna skip walking and take off running after the boys one day! :)