Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Officially Official

We now have two houses. The new house has been signed for and purchased and now it's time to start to work - work on getting this "old" house ready for the market - don't have tons more to do, but enough. And work to getting the new house fixed up and ready to live in - lots to do there.

We are so excited. Last night I was feeling really crumby about it all though. We had to tell our neighbor across the street what was about to unfold. I hated doing that. Ms. Nelda is a first-class neighbor and she just lost her husband of over 50 years a few months ago. I'm sure she is feeling like everyone is abandoning her to some extent. We are the 3rd neighbors to leave within this past year. She left rather soon after we told her, I think she was pretty shaken. She loves watching our kids play in the yard. She watched 3 of them come home from the hospital. I wish you could take neighbors with you.

I know we aren't putting tons of miles between us, but I also know that I will have to consciously make the effort to keep up with her too - because we all know how we get busy with life and forget.

Anyway, I got to give the first tour of our new house to the ladies in the church office today (my mom included) and it was also the first time for the boys to see their new place. I think everyone liked what they saw...but in the excitement of it all I forgot to pull out the camera and take pictures! I know, I'm terrible. I will have them soon enough though. Can't wait to do the before and after comparisons and I'm really hoping that the after will come soon.

So anyway now its on to scheduling and hiring and contracting and cleaning and painting and fixing - fun, fun! Come on over anytime! We've got PLENTY of room!

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RK said...

Yay for official!! I can't wait to see it. Hopefully we'll be able to reschedule our cancelled trip in the next couple weeks.