Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Observation

Driving home from town today I looked in the rear view mirror to gaze upon my lovely children and this is what I saw...

1. Huston and Isaiah play fighting, laughing and talking about cow poop.
2. Avery with a chocolate ring around his mouth, picking his nose.
3. Lillie with her shirt and pants soaked with her drink, sucking her thumb.

And I thought, that little scene exactly illustrates what raising these kids is really like.

There's some laughter, there's some sweetness, there's some icky gross stuff, there's some dirt and there is constant noise and action (even while strapped down in a car.) And you are either talking about or dealing with some sort of bodily fluid.

So just in case you've ever wondered - that little snippet of our day pretty much sums up life at this point... and yeah, I love it... on most any day.

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