Friday, April 30, 2010

Things I Now Do That I Wouldn't/Couldn't Do Before

Country living is teaching me a lot. Stuff that used to totally creep me out now only mildly does.

1. I can pick up snakes (ok, they were both really small and I had already been told by a conservation expert that the one "WILL NOT BITE YOU!"

2. I am not phased by night-time creature noises any longer.

3. I can clean a fish.

4. I can also do all other sort of fishing related activities (bait hook, take fish off hook, string fish, etc.)

5. I can open and willfully plunge my hands into a bag labeled "manure"

6. Ticks are no match for me with a pair of tweezers.

7. Dirt? What dirt? I thought that my kids' skin was naturally that color.

These are just a few of the things that don't necessarily phase me, but just so you know that I've not totally abandoned my city girl roots...

1. I still crave a good trip to town nearly everyday.

2. Sometimes I wish I still had that certainty that when I entered my house I was leaving the outdoors behind.

3. And as I type this post I can hear the little squeaky cries of a mouse stuck to a glue trap under our stove and I refuse to go take care of it. I'm not to that point yet, but give me another year.

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RK said...

Oh my goodness.... you've got me way beat!!! And that's ok with me. :o) I learned this weekend that not only are my girls afraid of grass--which we knew, but they are terrified of horses (and goats)too. Granted, they WERE nuzzling their backs, and full sized-to-large at that... I've got a couple little concrete-loving, city princess... oh well.