Friday, September 10, 2010

Better Than Branson

We went to Sams this morning. I'm not exactly sure what it is about Sams that make most every male fall in love with shopping, but my boys are no exception.

First mistake I made: I allowed the kids to dress themselves and go straight to the van without first seeing or approving their outfits. Avery - shorts with rubber work boots.... Huston - long sleeved shirt with mismatched shorts.... Isaiah - camo pants with huge holes in both knees. Lillie and I looked cute though.

Anyway, while we were there all the kids were mesmerized by all of the mechanical Halloween decorations. They drooled over the long row of movies and ooohed and ahhhhed over the huge bags of fruits and veggies we were loading into our cart.

As we were finishing up, Huston asked if Sams had a bathroom. I spotted it down the way from the check-out lanes and asked Isaiah to escort his brother to the bathroom as we checked out. They were in there for longer than usual. I finished checking out and had to wait a few minutes before they started back down the hall. They were both laughing and so excited. When the reached us they were talking at once...

"Mom, you should see that bathroom! It's better than Branson! It's the best bathroom I've ever seen... you know those potty things they have just for men? Well here it let's you pee on the floor!"


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